With over 30 years experience owning and managing businesses we understand the unique challenges and needs of owners, managers and individuals working in today’s competitive environment.

The Absolute Best website has been designed to deliver easy to implement learning, tips and tools that will have a high impact on your performance, productivity and profitability.

Our programs have proven successful across a broad range of industries and are guaranteed to improve your ability to operate to the highest standard.

Who we are

aboutusFounder/CEO Jacqueline Smith

I am proud to say that I grew up with business in my heart. Having been involved in the family’s many retail enterprises, I have understood from a very early age what was required to make any business successful. My aim for this website is to help as many business owners, managers and individuals as possible and to help them maximise the potential of the businesses they work in.

With over 25 years experience leading successful businesses in real estate, recruitment and marketing I am able to offer a unique insight to those seeking to improve their business.

I completed my Masters of Business Management at University of Technology Sydney with academic honours and continue to be involved in the post graduate school of business as a guest lecturer.

Through consulting across many industries I have developed a range of high-impact tools that allow others to improve their skills and abilities as business leaders. Through the Absolute Best website I am now able to share these on a larger scale and at a rate that is offers exceptional value.

Our philosophy in business and in life is very simple; we aim to perform to our Absolute Best every single day. We believe that success is about the effort rather than the result and that regardless of any outcome you are always a success when you give something your Absolute Best.

We would love you to take the Absolute Best challenge and adopt this mindset with us – click here to join the team today!


What sets us apart

Accessibility – Our knowledge and expertise is available to business owners, managers and individuals. There is no prior education required and our affordable cost structure has been designed to ensure that the Absolute Best advantage available to everyone who wants to improve their knowledge and skills.

Up to date – All articles have been written by consultants with up-to-date academic knowledge and with current working experience. We commit to providing new articles every week to ensure that the site remains fresh and relevant.

High quality – All learning material has been sourced and written by masters degree-qualified business consultants. Directors of the business are actively involved to ensure the highest level of quality control.

User friendly – Articles have been written to ensure the maximum return on investment. All articles come with clear instructions and our easy-to-navigate site ensures easy implementation of ideas.

High impact – Every learning article has been designed to provide the greatest impact on your business and management skills. A large number of articles are quick-win tools that can be absorbed and implemented in as little as 30 minutes, allowing you to adopt a solution-driven mindset.

Our Services

  • Absolute Best Membership. For just $19.95 per month you can experience the benefits Absolute Best Business Solutions can provide for you and your business. Our satisfaction guarantee with no lock in period means that there is no risk and our learning material will ensure that you will quickly start to see results. Membership will give you full access to all learning material and we will send you new content every week to ensure you are kept up to date. Click here to JOIN NOW.
  • Business planning support. We offer a 6-week program for members that need help working through our business planning process. One of our senior consultants will conduct an over the phone meeting with you weekly to review your progress, ensure you are on track with the planning process and to offer expert advice. The cost of the program is $795.00 and this includes an introduction session, review of your plan and 6 weekly consultations (45 minutes each).
  • Coaching. We offer coaching to our Absolute Best members on an ongoing or one off basis. Members can use this service when they need some additional help in any of our four key learning areas. Sessions are conducted over the phone for one hour at a time. The cost is $395.00 and this includes a review of the pre-session paperwork we will ask you to do, the consultation and a follow up call within 7 days to ensure you are on track.
  • In-house consulting. We have limited availability for Jacqueline Smith to conduct in house consulting and training sessions. Jacqueline can work with you to develop your business strategy or with your entire team to enhance their skills in any of our four key learning areas. As a guide the cost is $3,000.00 – 5,000.00 per day depending on the location and make up of the session. We would be happy to provide an accurate quotation for this service based on your specific requirements.

Contact us

Mail: PO Box 3857, Rhodes, NSW, 2138

Email: support@absolutebest.com.au

Phone: 1300 769 733

ABN: 82 196 348 097


Success is giving it your Absolute Best!