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Training & Workshops

"Some coaches are able to connect with individuals & teams, while others have the technical skills to pass on valuable knowledge. Some can present like the Obamas while others have the experience and intelligence of RBG. Jacquie is all of those things: she has the ability to connect AND deliver priceless pearls of wisdom, while also creating a culture of performance. If you think great coaching is expensive, try no coaching...and make sure you work with Jacquie, because she is the absolute best!"

Jacquie's speciality is creating culture and learning through collaboration.  The aim is to make each training session or workshop as beneficial as possible for both the participants and the business.  The result is an environment where everyone feels comfortable to contribute and this ensures fast and sustainable results and change. 

Topics & Sessions

Our training sessions and workshops are designed to create sustained change and results.   We know that growth happens when we push participants outside of their comfort zone.  Also, most people learn more from doing than listening and therefore our sessions are highly interactive and sometimes even a little challenging. 

We know that every business is different and will tailor sessions to your individual needs in any of the following areas:

  • Absolute Best Performance

  • Sales Skills and Process

  • Values and Standards

  • Customer Experience

  • Business Planning

  • Goal Setting and Planning

  • Mindset & Wellness

  • Team Building 

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