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Grow your business

"Jacquie is a highly capable and professional sales executive and leader. She has the rare ability to operate at a strategic level as well as deliver on operational objectives and provide one on one coaching and mentoring. Jacquie operates with the highest level of integrity, trust and respect. "

The proud director of the Absolute Best Academy, Jacquie's programs have proven to be successful across a broad range of industries including real estate, retail and services. They are guaranteed to improve your ability to operate to the highest standard and have been designed to have a high impact on your performance, productivity and profitability.


Business Growth Consulting

We partner with a limited number of business owners and work with them to help gain clarity on their vision and assist in driving this through the business.  

Our speciality is in building a high performance culture within teams and believe that this starts from the top of any business.  Too often business owners are so busy working in their business that it is only when they take regular time out to work on the business that real change is achieved. 

The nature of our consulting services is for us to become 'part' of your business and support you on an ongoing basis.  These relationships tend to be longer term as the real value is in you feeling like you have an extra voice you can call on not just in our regular sessions but whenever it is needed.  

We will work together to build a business growth plan that may include  leadership coaching, team training, sales coaching and a reset of team values and culture. 

If this sounds like something you could benefit from, please contact us to set up an obligation free session.


Leadership Coaching & Mentoring

Looking to take your leadership to the next level? 


Our exclusive one on one executive coaching program is tailored to your individual needs and goals.  We will help you to gain clarity on where the areas of maximum impact lie, assist you to clear any blockages and partner with you to be your Absolute Best version of you. 

This program is only available to those in a leadership role and is ideal for those looking to take their career to the next level.  You may be new to people management, or just need help to navigate leading and building  a high performance team effectively. 

In the initial discovery session we will determine the key areas of improvement, current blockages and we will work in 14 day blocks towards achieving your immediate goals as part of a bigger picture.  

Every session will conclude with clear actionable items for you to work on prior to the next session.  This process is organic and will evolve as your needs change over  time.  We will also provide support in-between sessions as required.

Team work

Sales & Performance Coaching 

Our exclusive one on one sales and performance coaching program is designed to provide training and accountability for fast and sustainable results.

The intensive and personal nature of our sales coaching program means that it is limited to a handful of sales executives at any one time.  Additionally, our services are exclusive and we do not work with anyone who is potentially in competition with one of our other clients. 

This program is only available to sales executives who are committed to taking their career and results  to the next level.  

Our philosophy to sales coaching is that it should be different for every person and tailored to you and your individual needs.  In the initial discovery session we will gain clarity on your goals, both in your personal and business life.  We will identify the key areas of improvement, work through any current blockages and we then work in 14 day blocks to ensure continual improvement and forward progress.  

Every session will conclude with clear actionable items for you to work on prior to the next session.

Ewan Morton

Managing Director

"As a business coach she involves me by echoing the bigger picture of the business and works as a great partnership in terms of support to our team."

Max Gilmour

Sales Director

"Jacquie's ability to inspire and motivate people to continually learn, hone their skills and find solutions to unique challenges is exceptional."

Matt Hogan

Account Director

"If you feel you have reached a ceiling on your own, Jacquie has the ability to open your mind to new approaches and keep you pointed in the right direction."
Winding Road
Business coaching and consulting is very personal, so it is important that you work with someone who you feel connected with. Likewise, we have limited places available and we want to make sure we fill them with the people who need us and will benefit the most. Our discovery call is designed to see if we’re a good 'fit' and to determine what coaching, consulting or training solutions are best for you and your business.
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