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Who we are

Our philosophy in business and in life is very simple; we aim to perform to our Absolute Best every single day. We believe that success is about the effort and journey rather than just the result and that regardless of any outcome you are always a success when you give something your Absolute Best.

For over 15 years, we have helped thousands of clients around the world break through the obstacles that are holding them back from reaching their true potential in business and in life.


We help clients gain real clarity on their direction and purpose and provide them with the proven strategies and  tools necessary to get them there. 


Let us help you to discover and grow into the Absolute Best version of you and your business. 


Meet The Team

Jacqueline Smith 
CEO and Head Coach

I have a passion for working with people to make sustainable and positive change in their business and personal  lives.   

I found early in my career that the roles I loved most were those that allowed me to coach and mentor others to be and to perform at their best and this was the driving force behind the launch of the Absolute Best Academy.  

My aim is to always leave every client with tangible strategies and tools that they can take with them and implement on an ongoing basis.   Whether it is working one on one with someone just starting out in a new role or a seasoned professional or team looking to level up their success my promise is to always give you my Absolute Best. 

I was educated at the University of Technology Sydney with a Masters of Business Management.  I have over 30 years of experience in managing and owning businesses, combined with helping hundreds of industry leaders and individuals as a high performance coach and business growth specialist. 


I look forward to working with you!

Phone: 0416 205 017


Samantha Smith
Mindfulness and Mindset Coach

I am passionate about helping others overcome the barriers to becoming their best selves.


Educated in the USA, my masters degree in mental health combined with over six years experience allows me to achieve sustainable change for individuals and small groups.  


I support my clients as they navigate the many challenges that life can bring.  Common struggles that can hold people back include stress, anxiety and a lack of confidence.  Using proven strategies in mindfulness and mental wellness I can help you on your quest to be your Absolute Best. 

ID Photo_edited.jpg
Amy Carr
Business Coach

Amy Carr is an accredited business coach with a passion for helping develop and empowering people. 


Amy's focus while working with a client is to help that business achieve their goals, while always ensuring they are providing the Absolute Best culture within teams. 


Amy brings over 13 years in various sales industries and brings a deep understanding of what it takes to succeed in business in today's changing climate. Her hands-on experience in managing teams has instilled in her the importance of a healthy, respectful, high-functioning team dynamic. 


Amy's coaching approach is centered around collaboration, effective communication, and personal growth. Through individually tailored programs, she helps individuals and organisations achieve their goals and create a high performing, positive work environment. 


Working with Amy as your coach, you and your team can unlock your full potential and achieve the Absolute Best.

"I was very fortunate to have met Jacquie shortly after starting my career in sales and I can't thank her enough for her relentless commitment towards my success, with both my career and personal goals.
I'm forever grateful for everything I have learnt - highly recommend."

Daniel Tregurtha, Sales Director

Coaching and consulting is a very personal business and it is important that you work with someone who you feel connected with.  Likewise, we have limited places available and we want to make sure we fill them with the people who need us and will benefit the most.  This discovery call is designed to see if we 'fit' and will help  determine what coaching, consulting or training  solution is best suited for you and your business.  

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