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Connecting Excellence, Empowering Success

"Absolute Best People transformed my career journey. Their personalised approach and coaching program gave me the confidence to excel in my new role.  They truly connect excellence with success!"


Finding the Right Fit

At Absolute Best People, our mission is to help you find the perfect role. Our meticulous selection process ensures we present opportunities tailored to your aspirations and values. This means your time is spent exploring roles that truly align with your career journey, saving you from sifting through irrelevant options.

Our team are not your typical recruiters – they are  accredited business consultants and coaches who understand that a job is more than just a title. It's a step toward realising your potential and achieving your goals.   Our team have extensive experience not just in real estate but in owning and managing award winning teams. 


We guarantee never to put you forward to a role unless we have fully discussed it with you and have your permission. 

Additionally, we are equipped with a suite of psychometric tests to identify your strengths and match you with roles that complement your unique attributes. With Absolute Best People, finding your ideal job isn't just possible; it's inevitable


Absolute Best Onboarding

Absolute Best Onboarding 

Embarking on a new job can be both exhilarating and nerve-wracking. At Absolute Best People, we've crafted an onboarding program that's designed to put you at ease from day one.


Our unique approach recognises that the initial 7-10 days in a new role are pivotal for your success and stability. We collaborate closely with our partner organisations to create a tailored onboarding experience that welcomes you, making you feel comfortable and valued right from the start.

Imagine stepping into your new role with confidence, armed with the insights and knowledge needed to excel. Our onboarding program ensures you're equipped not only with the technical skills but also the cultural understanding necessary to seamlessly integrate into your new team. With our support, you'll find that your transition into the new role is smoother, allowing you to focus on making your mark.

What sets our onboarding program apart is the deep engagement it offers. You won't just be a name on a list; you'll receive one-on-one coaching and guidance. 


Coaching and Training 

Our exclusive one on one sales and performance coaching program is designed to provide training and accountability for fast and sustainable results.

The intensive and personal nature of our sales coaching program means that it is limited to a handful of sales executives at any one time.  Additionally, our services are exclusive and we do not work with anyone who is potentially in competition with one of our other clients. 

This program is only available to sales executives who are committed to taking their career and results  to the next level.  

Our philosophy to sales coaching is that it should be different for every person and tailored to you and your individual needs.  In the initial discovery session we will gain clarity on your goals, both in your personal and business life.  We will identify the key areas of improvement, work through any current blockages and we then work in 14 day blocks to ensure continual improvement and forward progress.  

Every session will conclude with clear actionable items for you to work on prior to the next session.

"From the very beginning, Absolute Best People stood out. Their coaching program was a game-changer. Regular check-ins with a dedicated coach ensured I was on the right track and it gave me the tools to tackle challenges. They didn't just find me a job; they set me up for the long term."
"Finding a new job is stressful, but I cannot thank Amy enough for her support through the process. Her expertise and personalised attention were invaluable. She took the time to understand my goals and skillset, matching me with opportunities that truly aligned. With her support, I secured a role I'm passionate about and the coaching was a real bonus!
"I have never had one on one coaching before so did not know what to expect.  I couldn't believe how much it helped in the first few months of my new role.  The ongoing support and guidance made a world of difference.  I felt so much more  confident & valued as a new employee.  Thank you Amy for all your help!"
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