The good news is that you have certainly got some of the key areas covered, but at this stage there is still some work to do to bring your knowledge and skills up to the standard of those people who are running successful businesses today. It is important that you keep working hard to enhance and grow your business skill set. One of the keys is to make sure you are putting some time aside every week to work on your business rather than working in your business. We think that you would find membership to Absolute Best helpful to ensure that you are spending some time each week dedicated to learning and performance enhancement.

Introduction to business planning: This article is the first in our series on business planning. It sounds like you might have already done your plan, but this will give you a checklist just to ensure that you have not missed any of the key steps.

Working on versus working in the business: This article highlights the need to spend time working on your business. For many new business owners they spend all of their time working in the business and this often holds them back from long-term success as not enough time was put into planning and preparation.

Hiring new employees: As your business grows, it is essential that you have some solid employment practices in place. Work through this article to identify any areas that you may need to fine tune or work on.

Personal SWOT: This is one of our favourite tools to complete on an annual basis. It is a great way to re-set for the next twelve months. Use it to identify your strengths and weaknesses and to look for the opportunities for growth over the next twelve months.

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