Key Learning Outcomes

  • Recognise that a well-constructed work plan is the first step in turning ideas into action.
  • Learn to build a work plan that outlines what is going to be done and how your goals are going to be achieved.
  • Use the case study business to gather ideas on enhancing your work plan.
  • Implement your work plan with the aim of increasing your business’s success.


This section outlines how you are going to achieve the goals specified in your business plan. We find the easiest way to do this is to go back through all the information you have gathered to date and start to make a list or mind map of all your thoughts and ideas. Mind mapping is a brainstorming technique that you will find helpful in many areas of business, if you are not familiar with it you may like to read our article on mind mapping before getting started on your work plan.

You will see that activities or tasks will naturally fit into several headings or groups. By doing this, you can start prioritising the tasks and easily identify those that have quick win potential. A quick win is something that will have a high impact on the business and is relatively easy to implement. Look for the article in this section of the website for more information.

Once your list is completed it is essential to read through each of your goals to ensure that you have activities or tasks in your plan that contribute towards the achievement of each goal. Also, go back through your research and ensure that you have addressed any issues identified in your gap analysis and that you are taking advantage of the opportunities uncovered in the SWOT analysis.

If you find that you have a goal that does not have any related actions in your work plan, then you need to assess whether the goal is achievable and relevant. If it is, you will need to determine what you need to implement in order to fulfil this objective.

The best way to illustrate the concept in this instance is to look at the work plan of our case study business, The Best Beauty Salon. As previously outlined in the goal setting article, the business’s goals are as follows:[wlm_ismember]




When designing the work plan, the owner of The Best Beauty Salon assessed each goal, compiled a list of activities and grouped them under some key headings. Once this was done each activity was fleshed out to clearly outline what was required and how it could be achieved.

Client nurture




This list can now be broken down further into a 30-, 60- or 90-day action plan. This action plan would not form part of the business plan but rather will be an outcome of the plan. We explain how to compile the action plan in another learning article. If you work in a team we recommend that you spread the workload among the team members and gain buy-in from the team to meet the goals and objectives.

As you can see the business plan is now taking shape. The final steps are to complete the milestone schedule, which will help when looking to complete your action plan, and also look at the critical risks.[/wlm_ismember]

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