Key learning outcomes:

  • Acknowledge that your business will experience productivity gains if you leverage available resources.
  • Identify technology enhancements that will maximise your efficiency and performance.
  • Assess your business’s knowledge and skills base and ensure you use it to your advantage.
  • Learn the importance of time management skills in improving your team’s efficiency and guaranteeing business success.


When you are moving or lifting something, leverage allows you to achieve much more with less effort. Think about someone using a crowbar as a lever to move a heavy rock. The concept of leverage can also be used in business, especially in financial and operational management. In this article we are going to concentrate on how you can use leverage to increase your own productivity and efficiency and that of your business. If you can learn to leverage the resources available to you, you will find that you are able to achieve greater results with a lot less effort.


In this day and age, anyone not embracing technology will be left behind. Technology is one of the greatest levers that you have at your disposal as an individual and business. If you are using technology to its fullest advantage, you are able to leverage both time and performance. Take some time to do an audit of the technology you are using to ensure you are gaining the maximum advantage. A few key questions to consider are:[wlm_ismember]

Without doubt, advances in technology have brought with them some new issues and angst. New devices and social media can play havoc with time management as a distraction and their availability 24/7, bringing with it some new stresses in the workplace. However, technology offers you one of the strongest levers in business to build on your efficiency and save time if you work it to your advantage.

Skills and knowledge

As an individual and business, you have a vast array of resources available to you by way of skills and knowledge. You need to look at how you can leverage your own skills and knowledge and how you can leverage these attributes in others. Some key questions to consider are:

Once you can start leveraging the skill and knowledge base of yourself and those around you, a massive leap forward in efficiency and productivity will be evident. You will also reap the rewards of higher engagement levels from employees  – research has proven additional responsibility and learning opportunities are powerful motivators.


Being able to leverage your own time and that of others is one of the core strategies for operational leverage. No matter how many times we might wish for more, there are only 24 hours each day. Therefore, being able to maximise productivity during the available work time is crucial to a high level of efficiency. Some key questions to consider are:

Time is without doubt the most precious commodity for any person or business. The more you enhance your time management skills, the greater your level of success. We provide a number of learning articles on time management which we suggest you work through and review on a regular basis.


Using leverage to promote higher levels of productivity and efficiency is a proven strategy that many successful businesses apply every day. The first step is to see how you can leverage your own time, skills and knowledge, and as suggested earlier we urge you to start by completing your individual SWOT. This will allow you to assess your areas of strength and weakness, along with identifying your greatest opportunities and threats. Once you have completed this assessment, you can work with those around you to ensure you are gaining the maximum advantage from the resources available to you.[/wlm_ismember]

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