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The Most Dangerous Words In Business

Are you guilty of them?

Key learning outcomes:

  • Learn how to avoid the traps that will stop you from moving your business forward.
  • Recognise that technology can create a point of difference for your business.
  • Implement a mindset of continual improvement.
  • Create a work environment that welcomes and nurtures new ideas and innovation.


“Because we have always done it that way.”

Why are these simple words some of the most potentially dangerous for your business?

For any business operating as it was ten, five, two or even one year ago, it is no longer treading water; it is maintaining its position but going backwards. Advances in technology have meant that unless your business has a culture of learning, innovation and improvement, you are at serious risk of being left behind by your competition.

The following are some of the common reasons and excuses we see when business owners and operators fail to change and move with the times.

Letting perfect get in the way of better

Too often we hear and see businesses not implement change because whatever they are planning and working on is just not quite perfect. It should be recognized that it might never be perfect, but it might still infinitely better than what you have done or are doing now.

It would be wise to take a lesson from today’s technology leaders. Gone are the days when they would design a product, test it for months and then launch it to the world. In today’s fast-moving world, they literally do not have time for that. Nowadays, if you wait too long, there is the danger of the new product being out of date before they launch. Technology leaders work on a premise of continual improvement; they launch and then update and change on the run. This is why if you are an iPhone user, you receive regular updates for your phone operating system. The new phone was not perfect when you bought it; Apple knew it and was already working on the fix. However, that did not stop them launching on time or stop the hundreds of thousands of people lining up at Apple shops all over the world to be the first to have the new version.

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