Using Key Performance Indicators

Key learning outcomes: Learn that key performance indicators can help you to manage your business’s future success. Differentiate between lagging and leading indicators. Distinguish between using indicators to lead and using indicators to manage your team. Recognise that key performance indicators enable you to fine tune your coaching processes. Article: A lot of people ask […]

Negotiation Styles

Key learning outcomes: Recognise that we engage in negotiation in our day-to-day lives, in both a professional and personal context. Distinguish between win–win and loss–loss outcomes in negotiations. Learn about the five styles of negotiation and the typical situations when each is used. Explain how the desire to maintain a relationship or to achieve a […]

Free Article – Top 10 Tips for Delivering Great Customer Service

Key learning outcomes: Understand that customer service is not only about the product or service, but is also about the way it is delivered. Establish techniques for demonstrating that a customer is valued. Acknowledge the importance of adopting a positive tone when providing a service and personalising the customer experience. Identify the need to deliver […]

Are You A Sales Superstar?

Whether you work in sales, are thinking about a career or own your own business your skills and ability as a sales person can make the difference between success and failure. Gone are the days when a sales person just had to put on a suit, have a slick presentation and be persistent. Yes you […]

Closing The Deal

Key learning outcomes: Acknowledge that even the most professional salespeople can find it difficult to close a deal. Determine that a potential customer expects a salesperson to ask for the business. Establish the importance of asking confirming or mini closing questions during a sales presentation. Recognise that salespeople can learn more from their losses than […]

Free Article – Top 10 Tips For Sales Success

Key learning outcomes: Learn that successful salespeople are passionate about their products or services. Acknowledge that administrative tasks are as important as selling, particularly in the area of compliance. Implement accurate and up-to-date systems for building relationships with customers. Recognise that you can learn as much from your successes as your losses. Article: So, you […]

Generation Ladder

Key learning outcomes: Learn to use the generation ladder to pinpoint the sources of your most valuable customers. Determine your rate of conversion of opportunities into new customers. Analyse the different sources of customers and seek ways to improve conversion rates for each source. Create an action plan to increase the number of new paying […]

The GROW Model

Learning outcomes: Adopt the four-stage questions-based model to help individuals and teams to design their own solutions. Use the model as a framework for gathering and assessing the goals, challenges, options and potential solutions without offering specific advice. Document both long and short-term goals and determine the best way forward to achieve these goals. Identify […]

Free Article – What makes the good ones great?

Key learning outcomes: Recognise that hard work, good management and being solution-driven are key ingredients of success. Practice active listening to achieve positive outcomes. Develop goals and targets to indicate you are self-motivated and keen to succeed. Demonstrate that you know your product, market and customer. Article Having spent the last 17 years or so […]

Free Article – Prospecting for Success

Key learning outcomes: Understand that sales calls are an effective way to build your sales staff’s skill and confidence and overcome ‘sales reluctance’. Differentiate between making a sales call and leaving a phone message. Establish valid reasons for making sales calls, so that every call counts. Recognise the value of sales call preparation and planning. […]