Key Signs It Is Time To Stop Selling

Key learning outcomes: Recognise the verbal and non-verbal signs that indicate a potential buyer may proceed with a sale. Understand that signs of an imminent sale may be subtle. Acknowledge the benefits of listening carefully to the potential buyer and not focusing only on your sales pitch. Develop strategies for dealing with potential customersā€™ objections. […]

Free Article – Ten Ways to Enhance you Value Proposition

Key learning outcomes: Learn that fine-tuning your value proposition can put you ahead of your competition. Develop strategies to build on your knowledge and expertise to secure your place in the market. Recognise the benefits of conducting customer reviews and responding to both positive and negative feedback. Acknowledge that your value proposition should be reviewed […]

How to Coach an Under-Performing Salesperson

Key learning outcomes: Recognise the signs of under-performance such as low closing rate and low lead generation. Distinguish between lack of ability and lack of opportunity when analysing under-performance. Develop tools to lift an under-performer’s results. Understand the benefits of training and regular reviews to boost sales output. Article: One of the most important roles […]

Incentive Programs for Sales Teams

Key learning outcomes: Implement an incentive program to lift your sales teamā€™s enthusiasm, productivity and results. Recognise the need to reward all team members, not just the same few who consistently achieve the best results. Acknowledge the benefit of a short time frame for programs. Establish reasonable and achievable targets to ensure motivation remains high. […]

Building an Attraction Strategy

Key learning outcomes: Learn that a well-designed attraction strategy is key to winning customers. Differentiate your business from the competition by offering unique products or superior knowledge and expertise. Recognise that a well-structured and accessible business will draw new customers. Implement practices to reward new and repeat customers. Article: Having a great attraction strategy will […]

Free Article – Dealing With Customer Complaints

Key learning outcomes: Establish that customer complaints have both negative and positive implications for a business. Implement a process for dealing with customer complaints to ensure your staff apply a consistent and professional approach. Understand that it is better to seek solutions than look for someone to blame when things go wrong. Acknowledge the power […]

Free Article – Top 10 Tips to Win More Business

Key learning outcomes: Develop a strategy to ensure you make the most of every sales opportunity. Differentiate your product offerings from those of the competition. Recognise the benefit of focusing on a niche market in order to win more business. Learn the value of detailed preparation for sales meetings. Article: The ability to sell yourself […]

Absolute Best Customer Service Quiz

Who do you work for? It does not matter if you work for yourself or you work for someone else, at the end of the day we all ultimately work for the customer – the person who pays for or uses your product or service. In simple terms the moreĀ satisfied our customers are, the more […]

Are You Endangered

Key learning outcomes: Recognise the impact of technology on some businessesā€™ survival. Identify ways to ensure your business stands out despite the threats from online services. Distinguish your business from the competition by building on your expertise and knowledge. Learn to nurture your customer relationships in both face-to-face and online interactions. Article: There are many […]

Free Article – Top 10 Mistakes Salespeople Make

Key learning outcomes: Acknowledge that all sales opportunities should be nurtured, regardless of the length of the sales process. Understand that a deal should be completed only once the customer is fully informed. Recognise that generating new business is as important as closing the deals. Implement a strategy of continually updating your skills and knowledge […]