How To Deal with Difficult People

Key learning outcomes: Understand that learning to deal with difficult people may increase your productivity. Assess your own behaviour if you find you are dealing with difficult people on a regular basis. Recognise the benefit of listening carefully and remaining calm in potentially heated situations. Identify situations where it may be necessary to alert a […]

Free Article – 10 Easy Steps to Improve Your Lifestyle

Key learning outcomes: Recognise that good health and stress-free living are on the decline in modern society. Implement some good food habits such as eating less processed and takeaway foods. Develop an exercise regime to suit your schedule. Acknowledge that there will be times when you or someone you know needs some assistance in life. […]

Free Article – Top 10 Tips to Boost your Productivity

Key learning outcomes: Implement a priority system so the most important tasks are completed in the first instance. Create a schedule for all tasks and activity which notes a deadline to increase your productivity. Recognise your peak working periods and schedule your tasks accordingly. Adopt a “switch off” policy to minimise distractions from technology. Article: […]

Review to Succeed

Key learning outcomes: Learn that conducting regular reviews will ensure your business remains profitable. Explain the benefits of yearly, quarterly, monthly and weekly reviews. Recognise the need to identify both the positive and negative outcomes during a review. Acknowledge that targets should be reasonable and achievable, and that goals can be revised if necessary. Article: […]

Free Article – Top 10 Tips for Business Travel

Key learning outcomes: Acknowledge that while business travel may appear to be glamourous, it is also a cause of stress for some travellers. Determine that the more preparation you undertake, the more straightforward your business trips will be. Implement a strategy to ensure your technology works for you during your travels. Understand the importance of […]

Free Article – Tips for a Good Night’s Sleep

Key learning outcomes: Recognise the contribution of good quality sleep to a healthy and productive lifestyle. Develop a nightly routine consisting of sleep-inducing activities. Acknowledge the benefit of regular exercise in establishing regular sleep patterns. Adopt a practice of minimising the use of electronic devices before you go to bed. Article: It is no secret […]

Free Article – Top 10 Tips for Working Parents

Key learning outcomes: Develop a strategy in which you complete a task rather than aim for perfection. Determine the significant activities and events in your life, and ensure you give them priority. Recognise the various outsourcing options available to you. Establish a support network to help you through challenging situations. Article: Whether you want to […]

Free Article – Forming New Habits

Key learning outcomes: Learn about Maltz’s theory that habits take a least 21 days to form, and sometimes much longer. Recognise that a behaviour is considered a habit when it becomes second nature. Describe the three phases of habit formation that form Tim Bartlow’s model. Acknowledge that some habits are harder to form than others, […]

Seven C’s of Effective Communication

Key learning outcomes: Adopt the seven C’s to increase your business and personal success. Develop a checklist of key items before creating a message to ensure it is meaningful and complete. Learn to create messages that convey confidence and certainty. Recognise that some messages are more effective if delivered in person rather than in writing. […]

Free Article – Top 10 Tips to Deal with Stress

Key learning outcomes: Recognise the need to pinpoint the root cause of stress. Distinguish between the sources of stress that you can change and those you cannot. Assess your time management skills and their impact on your stress levels. Learn that aiming for perfection can create additional pressures in your life. Article: Stress can affect […]