Make The First Seven Days Count

Key learning outcomes: Recognise that a well thought-out induction program will ensure a smooth and rewarding transition for new employees. Show empathy and build rapport in an employee’s early days in your business. Develop a detailed activity plan so new employees don’t feel uncertain or anxious. Use the probation period as an opportunity to regularly […]

How To Deal with Difficult People

Key learning outcomes: Understand that learning to deal with difficult people may increase your productivity. Assess your own behaviour if you find you are dealing with difficult people on a regular basis. Recognise the benefit of listening carefully and remaining calm in potentially heated situations. Identify situations where it may be necessary to alert a […]

Communication Styles

Key learning outcomes: Understand that effective communication is a large part of business success. Learn about the five key communication styles so you can recognise them in everyday and business situations. Recognise that the style of communication used will vary depending on the situation. Adopt a system of self-review for when the outcome of a […]

How to Coach an Under-Performing Salesperson

Key learning outcomes: Recognise the signs of under-performance such as low closing rate and low lead generation. Distinguish between lack of ability and lack of opportunity when analysing under-performance. Develop tools to lift an under-performer’s results. Understand the benefits of training and regular reviews to boost sales output. Article: One of the most important roles […]

Clearing the Blockages in Your Business

Key learning outcomes: Learn that blockages can negatively impact your business’s bottom line. Identify opportunities for improvement from regular reviews of your business’s systems. Develop a communication strategy that benefits team members and your customers. Differentiate between hiring on attitude and hiring for skills. Article: As a leader, one of your most important functions is […]

Building a Solution Driven Mindset

Key learning outcomes: Learn about the benefits a solution-driven team member can bring to your business. Adopt a policy that it is acceptable to make mistakes, but learning from these mistakes is the key. Acknowledge the importance of identifying problems before they take hold. Implement a program of continuing education and training to learn about […]

Building a New Team

Key learning outcomes: Learn that when building a new team, the aim is to maximise productivity as quickly as possible. Identify the team’s goals and common purpose early in the process and ensure the team members are committed to them. Understand how complementary skills and experience benefit a team. Acknowledge the need for a team […]

Managing Resistance to Change

Key learning outcomes: Learn that most failures in change implementation are the result of resistance from those who will be directly impacted. Conclude that transparency is crucial when introducing change in a business. Determine that employees need reassurance, and training if necessary, to overcome fear or a lack of confidence in times of change. Acknowledge […]

The OODA Loop

Key learning outcomes: Learn about the four stages of the model – observe, orient, decide and act. Acknowledge the impact of the information-gathering process on the decisions you make. Explain why people may interpret information differently. Demonstrate the benefits of resolving situations swiftly. Article: The OODA (observe, orient, decide and act) loop is a proven […]

How To Fix a Poor Culture

Key learning outcomes: Understand that ignoring culture problems can damage your business’s productivity and profitability. Demonstrate, as a leader, that you care about your business’s culture and monitor and nurture it on an ongoing basis. Explain some of the primary causes of culture difficulties and suggest several remedies for each. Acknowledge that regular and open […]