Free Article – 10 Common Reasons Small Businesses Fail

Key learning outcomes: Learn that most small businesses fail within five years. Adopt practices generally associated with big businesses to your advantage. Develop systems to maximise operational efficiency. Analyse your potential market and the financial statistics to ensure the survival of your business. Article: The actual numbers vary depending on the research that you read, […]

Clearing the Blockages in Your Business

Key learning outcomes: Learn that blockages can negatively impact your business’s bottom line. Identify opportunities for improvement from regular reviews of your business’s systems. Develop a communication strategy that benefits team members and your customers. Differentiate between hiring on attitude and hiring for skills. Article: As a leader, one of your most important functions is […]

Free Article – Top 10 Tips for Small Business Success

Key learning outcomes: Understand that well-established business principles apply to both small and large businesses. Acknowledge that you need to work both in and on your business. Establish a system of regular and positive communication with your team. Identify what is working well in your business and build on this. Article: One of the greatest […]

Building an Attraction Strategy

Key learning outcomes: Learn that a well-designed attraction strategy is key to winning customers. Differentiate your business from the competition by offering unique products or superior knowledge and expertise. Recognise that a well-structured and accessible business will draw new customers. Implement practices to reward new and repeat customers. Article: Having a great attraction strategy will […]

Ten C’s of Supplier Evaluation

Key learning outcomes: Describe the evaluation methodology devised by Ray Carter in 1995. Apply the 10 C’s whenever you change or appoint a supplier for your business. Understand the importance of researching potential suppliers before entering into agreements. Recognise that low cost and high quality may not go hand in hand. Article: Choosing between suppliers […]

Model For Change

Key learning outcomes: Understand that the change process applies to both your working and personal lives. Identify the five key stages of the change process. Recognise the need for planning before embarking on the change process. Acknowledge that resistance needs to be overcome in order for the change initiative to succeed. Article: All change initiatives […]

Are You Endangered

Key learning outcomes: Recognise the impact of technology on some businesses’ survival. Identify ways to ensure your business stands out despite the threats from online services. Distinguish your business from the competition by building on your expertise and knowledge. Learn to nurture your customer relationships in both face-to-face and online interactions. Article: There are many […]

Moments of Truth

Key learning outcomes: Identify the moments of truth in interactions with your customers. Recognise that a customer will rate their experience according to their latest encounter with your business. Acknowledge the growth in the significance of the online sales environment. Understand the impact of the gap between an enquiry and completion of a sale on […]

Free Article – How To Grow Your Income

Key learning outcomes: Learn about the four ways to lift your business’s income. Implement strategies for increasing your clientele and the value of each transaction. Identify tried and tested tools for expanding repeat business. Assess ways of raising prices but at the same time retaining your customers. Article: Without any doubt, the question we get […]

Using Key Performance Indicators

Key learning outcomes: Learn that key performance indicators can help you to manage your business’s future success. Differentiate between lagging and leading indicators. Distinguish between using indicators to lead and using indicators to manage your team. Recognise that key performance indicators enable you to fine tune your coaching processes. Article: A lot of people ask […]