Key Learning Outcomes

  • Learn that a quick win can have a high impact on your business and can be implemented with relative ease.
  • Train your team to be solution-driven and on the lookout for quick wins.
  • Break large projects down into quick-win activities to increase your implementation and speed up progress.
  • Avoid spending time on low-impact ideas or hard-to-implement projects.


A quick win is something that can have a high impact on your business and can be achieved or implemented within a short time frame. Once you and your team understand and are on the lookout for quick wins within your business, you will find that the rate of implementation of ideas and improvements will skyrocket. One thing to note is that a quick win strategy is not about taking short cuts. Often a quick win will take a maximum amount of effort, but the key is that it will have a high impact and can be implemented quickly as shown in the table below.

Quick Wins
The key to making this strategy work is identifying where the quick wins are without losing sight of those things that will have a HIGH impact but are harder to implement, and not getting trapped by spending time doing the things that are easy to implement but have LOW impact on your business and results.

There are a number of areas where this strategy will reap great rewards. The first is in your daily planning and time management. When you look at your ‘to do’ list each morning, look for the quick wins in your list. There is nothing better than crossing off several important tasks and activities early in the day to really give you a positive mindset.[wlm_ismember]

Another area where we find this strategy invaluable is when working with your team. Imagine you are in a meeting with the team brainstorming to improve the business. Often you get ideas thrown around or suggestions that while good may require significant time and money before they can be implemented. Rather than just say no, explain this theory to the team at the start of the meeting and get them to start suggesting where the idea would be on the matrix. Discuss each idea as a team and get a consensus on where the idea falls on the grid. For example, upgrading the computer system may be something that will have a high impact; however, due to logistics and cost it probably would fall into the hard-to-implement category. In contrast, something like having a training session to improve a particular skill may be a quick win.

Once you have completed the matrix, the key to implementation is to allocate responsibility for each quick win and then come back a week or a month later and review the progress. It is motivating for the team to be part of the process and also to see the implementation of ideas. Additionally, it helps them gain an understanding of why some things will take longer than others to put into place, but see that they are on the agenda.

It is good to keep this strategy in mind when you are planning. However, you need to be cautious not to focus on the quick wins at the expense of longer term projects which will have a high impact on your business. In the business planning process, creating a work plan will be one of the last steps. When you have the list of things that need to be done in the achievement of your goals, always identify those that satisfy the quick win criteria: those activities that will have a HIGH IMPACT on the business and are EASY TO IMPLEMENT. Then look at those that will have a high impact but are going to be longer term projects and see if they can be broken down into smaller tasks, and look for the quick wins within them. For example, the upgrade of the computer system could be done in stages with the staff who would benefit the most, upgraded first.

If you can foster a quick win mindset within your business, you will gain great rewards, not just in the implementation of ideas that will improve the business, but with the overall team culture.[/wlm_ismember]

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