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Who pays the bills? It is not the business owner, the accountant or the office manager; it is, quite simply, the customer. For any business to survive it needs customers to generate an income. It is essential in any business to understand that every customer is important and that the impact each one can have on your business is now greater than ever. A bad experience does not just mean that you have an unhappy customer. Social media and the internet allow the word to be spread to 20, 50 or 1,000 other potential customers with the click of a button.

Additionally, with competition across almost every industry becoming fiercer, it is essential that you focus on the capture and retention of every potential customer. This section of the website will assist in building your skills, and those of your team, in sales techniques and customer service. We will assist you in defining your competitive advantage, hone your skills in persuasion and help you to develop a client nurture program.


Gone are the days where you were the only shop on the block and simply being there was enough. These days your potential customers are likely to have several choices close by, along with online options that mean they do not even have to pick up the phone or step outside their front door. You and your team need to be clear and well trained on how to differentiate your business from the competition. This section of the website offers a number of learning articles to assist in defining your point of difference along with tools to enhance your offering.

We believe that the key to sales success is not about having a great pitch but about understanding your potential customers’ needs and providing solutions. You will find a lot of our articles focus on skills such as listening and understanding customer motivation. You will also find a number of tools that will assist you in designing a generation strategy and building on the ability to convert prospects into customers.

Customer service

At Absolute Best we are passionate about customer service. Too many businesses focus on finding new customers from various forms of promotion and advertising and forget that the greatest source of increased business is usually from the customers that you already have. Businesses that have a high rate of repeat and referral customers will often be the ones that are the most successful and most profitable.

In today’s online age, it is more important than ever that you leave your customers with a great impression from the very first time that they deal with you. Being average is no longer good enough. When word of mouth was the only form of communication, customers talked about exceptionally good and exceptionally bad service; rarely did they bother telling others about average customer service experiences. In the past if you gave average service to a customer you were unlikely to receive any positive feedback, but then it did not affect your reputation either. These days customers are encouraged to judge you more harshly, and are likely to rate you on various internet sites with a click of a button as ‘just average’. This rating will more than likely influence potential customers in a negative way. As a business owner you need to work on every touch point in the customer experience and understand that this goes beyond the actual face-to-face experience. Use this section of the website to identify how you can enhance the customer service experience you are offering through your business.

Client nurture

Having a structured client nurture program will allow you to build your business from the strength of your own customer base. A well-designed program will enhance your customer service and will generate additional income for your business. To increase revenue there are really only three options: sell to more customers, increase your prices or increase the revenue from your existing customers. A consistent and high-quality nurture program will allow you to work on two of these through encouraging your customers to spend more with you and by building your referral business. Interestingly enough, you will find that as you build loyalty with your clients, there is also less need to discount your products or services, bringing the added benefit of an increase in your profit margin. This section of the website has a number of articles that focus on designing and implementing your client nurture program.

Too often we hear business owners or employees complain that if it weren’t for the customers then everything would run smoothly! We always reply to these people with the warning to be careful what you wish for! A business with no customers is a business that is doomed for failure. Make sure every person in your business understands that every customer is a precious commodity and should be treated as such. Of course there are some people that are a little more difficult to deal with than others. Use them as a challenge or make a strategic decision to no longer deal with them, but never let the situation get to the point that it affects your team’s  ‘customer comes first’ attitude.

Complimentary sales and customer service articles to get you started

Perception is Reality

Introduction to Client Nurture

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