• A chain is only as strong as it’s weakest link. Learn how to build strength into your team.
  • Increasing employee engagement levels will have a direct impact on the bottom line of your business.
  • Use our articles on engagement and motivation to see productivity and profitability increase.
  • A fish always rots from the head down. Learn how to improve your leadership skills and see immediate improvements in the culture and performance of your team.
  • Hiring new team members is expensive, especially if they do not work out. Use our system to ensure you are hiring the right person for the right job.

In a smaller business the productivity and input of every single person in the business has a big impact.  It is not that it is less important in a large business but if you are a business employing just 10 or 20 people, 2 or 3 not working to their full potential can make a big difference to the bottom line result. Often as a small business grows people are employed because it has become too busy and there is an urgent need to get more hands on deck.  The result is often jobs grow over time without enough thought or planning.  Small businesses do not have the luxury of a human resources department but will find they can still make great improvement in their people management skills when learning the theory and best practices behind good people management.  This section of the site will take you through the steps required when hiring a new person, will give you the tools to increase your employee engagement levels and also allow you to improve your leadership skills.

Employee engagement

Studies have shown that having a more engaged workforce will significantly impact positively on not just productivity but also on the bottom line.  Think about it and it makes sense.  How often does your level of customer experience revolve around the person you were dealing with?  Even a happy and cheerful or grumpy check out attendant at the supermarket can make a world of difference to your grocery shopping experience!

The attitude of every one of your employees will have an impact not just on one customer but also on the overall success of your business.  It is important to remember that real employee engagement cannot be faked with just a smile; it is an attitude that stems from the very head of the business. There is an old saying that a fish rots from the head first, poor attitude at the top of business will quickly spread and infect the whole business.  Use this section of the website to ensure that you are actively working to engage your employees and enjoy the benefits of higher productivity and profitability.

Hiring new staff

For a small business staffing costs often represent the largest percentage of the expenses and therefore every hiring decision needs to be strategically thought through.  A well thought out process is required to ensure that the right person for the right job is employed.  It is then essential to have a structured orientation program to ensure that the new employee is given every chance of success, this not only boosts productivity and engagement but also assists in avoiding the expensive process of having to re-employ when poor hiring decisions are made.   High staff turnover is expensive not just in terms of the recruitment costs but it also affects your customer satisfaction ratings and this in turn affects your revenue and profitability.  This section of the website will take you through all areas of the hiring process including job design, job specification, selection and orientation.


There is much more to leadership than just being the boss.  A great leader has the ability to think strategically about the business and to set a clear vision for the future.  A great leader has the ability to inspire others around them to greatness and often gains more pleasure from this than from their own achievements.

There is a great difference between managing a business and leading a business and in this section of the website will help you to understand the difference between the two.  The difficulty for a small business owner is that often they have to wear both caps and this presents additional challenges that the CEO of a Fortune 500 company does not have to face.  We provide you with several learning articles to assist you in building on your leadership skills and to show you how you can be both a manager and a leader in your business.

At Absolute Best we believe that your people are the greatest asset of your business.  When business owners complain to us about their team our response is almost always that as a business owner you have the team that you deserve.  A the leader of the business it is the responsibility of the leader to build and motivate the right team, in effect to be putting the best possible team on the field of play.  This is not to say that on occasion you might not have to cut someone from the team, this again is a function of leadership and not something that should ever be taken lightly.  Use the people management section of the site to build your management and leadership skills to ensure that everyone in your team is motivated, willing and able to give their Absolute Best for you and your business.

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