TIME REQUIRED15-20 Minutes

essential previous learningOne on One Coaching, SMART Goals

The GROW Model

A proven framework for boosting performance

Learning outcomes:

  • Adopt the four-stage questions-based model to help individuals and teams to design their own solutions.
  • Use the model as a framework for gathering and assessing the goals, challenges, options and potential solutions without offering specific advice.
  • Document both long and short-term goals and determine the best way forward to achieve these goals.
  • Identify the options available and the actions required to achieve the goals.


The grow model was designed in the 1980s by performance coach, Sir John Whitmore. It is a simple yet highly effective tool that can be used when coaching members of your team. The model is questions-based and is designed to help the person you are coaching to think through things for themselves and to be solution-driven. It helps to empower and motivate them to move forward in the achievement of their goals.

The model

GROW stands for:

  • Goal
  • Current Reality
  • Options and Obstacles
  • Will or Way forward.

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