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Goal Tracking Systems

Increase your chances of success

Key learning outcomes:

  • Learn that regular assessment of your progress in achieving goals will ensure you stay on track.
  • Develop time frames to ensure goals are effective.
  • Understand the benefits of a numerical tracking system to provide a clear view of progress in achieving your goal.
  • Recognise the value of an attributes tracking system when specific skills will help you to achieve your goal.


We know that the most successful people not only set goals, they also track their progress on a regular basis. By doing this they are able to identify very quickly when they are heading off track or are running behind target. They can then adjust quickly rather than wait, only to find there is too much ground to make up. To illustrate this, think about boats. It takes a lot of effort for a large ocean liner, for example, to switch course. As a result, it is unable to make sudden changes in direction. Similarly, if you do not regularly check on your progress, there will be no time to make any necessary changes before your deadline. You want to be more like a speedboat: fast, agile and able to make lots of small twists and turns. In this article, we work through two tracking systems that allow you to regularly measure your progress towards achieving a goal or target so you can easily assess whether you are on track for success.

Always define a time frame

When goal-setting, it is important to remember that for a goal to be effective it should be time-bound, that is, it should have a deadline. The time frame that you set for your goal will to some degree determine how often you will need to review your progress. If you are operating with a short-term goal that has a deadline of just 7 or 14 days, then you will probably want to track your progress on a daily basis. If on the other hand you aim to achieve your goal over 12 months, a monthly review might be sufficient.

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