Why is it so cheap?

Our mission is to provide a tertiary-level education resource to small business owners and managers who would otherwise miss out. We have made a conscious decision to ensure the resource is affordable for EVERY business owner or employee that wants to improve their knowledge base and business performance.

What if I do not like it?

If you are committed to personal and business improvement, we doubt this will happen. However, if you find for some reason Absolute Best is not for you then you can cancel your subscription at any time. We do not have minimum lock-in period.

Can I share the information?

We encourage you to share what you have learnt with as many people as you can. However, if you want to reproduce or distribute our information, there are a couple of things we would like you to understand:

  • All of our learning articles and downloads are protected under copyright law.
  • We are happy for you to print off and share the articles with your team. However, we ask that you do not alter the articles in any way. If you are using them as a training source, you might find our corporate subscription that offers multiple logins is more beneficial.
  • You will notice that as many of our articles are based on academic research, we have acknowledged the source of any ideas that are not our own. It is important if you do copy or reproduce the information that you do the same.

I am having some trouble putting the ideas into practice

We find that most clients get better at this over time. Make sure you read our tips for getting the most out of our site and start to work through our articles in the development section to get some ideas and clarity.

If you find that you are still having trouble or are stuck on a particular area, email us at support@absolutebest.com.au. Clearly outline the issue and one of our consultants will get back to you within 48 business hours with some suggested solutions.

Can I see you for a one-on-one consultation?

We do have a limited number of appointments available each month; however, we have designed the site to give you the most cost-effective access to our knowledge base and strongly suggest that you subscribe to the site in the first instance as you might find the solution for your problem is available online.

If you still feel that it would be beneficial to arrange a one-on-one consultation, email us at support@absolutebest.com.au or phone us on 1300 769 733, and we can arrange for one of our senior consultants to have a telephone or Skype conference with you to determine if one-on-one consulting is the best strategy for you and your business.

I can’t find what I am looking for

If you cannot find what you are looking for on the site, let us know as soon as possible at support@absolutebest.com.au and one of our consultants will get back to you within 48 business hours with a response. This may be a list of suggested articles we think you should look at, a referral to another source that may be helpful, or if it is something that we feel should be included on our site, an approximate date for when we will add it to the site.


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