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Clearing the Blockages in Your Business

Learn to identify and clear the traffic jams in your business

Key learning outcomes:

  • Learn that blockages can negatively impact your business’s bottom line.
  • Identify opportunities for improvement from regular reviews of your business’s systems.
  • Develop a communication strategy that benefits team members and your customers.
  • Differentiate between hiring on attitude and hiring for skills.


As a leader, one of your most important functions is to ensure that your business is free of any blockages that may impact on performance and results. A good way to illustrate the concept of “blockages” is to think about traffic moving about a busy city. When things are flowing freely, commuters are able to get to their destination on time. When a blockage occurs such as an accident, things can quickly become chaotic. Traffic backs up or stops altogether and people become annoyed and try to take alternative routes, adding pressure elsewhere in the system. As the pressure mounts, there is an increased likelihood of more accidents. The end result is a gridlock where nothing and no one is moving.

This is no different in business. Picture a busy restaurant; no matter how good the front-of- house staff might be, if there is a blockage in the kitchen, or slow service or poor quality food, the customers will become disgruntled. Or, if a blockage is caused by a supplier who delivers late or provides poor quality produce, the impact will be felt by the kitchen staff, the wait staff and ultimately the customers.

It is important to always be on the lookout for any blockages in your business and to work as quickly as possible to clear them before they spread through your business. Below are some of the most common areas that cause blockages in business and tips on how to avoid them.

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