Statistics show that a vast majority of small to medium sized businesses do not survive beyond five years. It is important to understand that owning and running a business can be a rewarding and wonderful experience but it is not for everyone and it is not the easy option. To increase your chance of success, it is essential that you ensure you have the skills and knowledge required. This short quiz covers off some of the key attributes of successful business owners.

Answer each question or statement with the answer that you feel fits best. You might find that there are one or more that could apply, in that instance choose the one that fits the best. Honesty is essential to getting the most from this quiz, so make sure you give honest answers even if you don’t think they are the right ones. Once you click submit you will get an instant score and there is no need to enter your email to get the results.  If the results are not quite as you hoped, please do not worry, you may still have a very viable and great idea, you will just need to work on building your skills and knowledge to ensure you are on the path to success!

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