Taking the time to complete our business health check quiz is the first step in the journey towards improvement for you and your business. There are some areas that you are doing well in and you should be proud of that, you may also be in the early stages of running your business and this may have contributed to your lower score.

As someone who is interested in improving we strongly recommend that you devote some time each week to training and development. You should start by working on the areas that you scored weakest, as this will give you the greatest improvement in the shortest possible time. Be wary of doing what many of us do naturally and start working on the areas that you are already strong at. We tend to like doing what we are good at and are good at the things that we like doing so now is the time to stretch yourself.

Membership to Absolute Best Business Solutions will give you access to our comprehensive online library of learning articles, tools and templates. We suggest that you start with some of the research tools such as the gap analysis and SWOT analysis, these will give you a clearer idea of your areas of improvement. Additionally one of the keys to success will be for you to dedicate some time each week to your own skill development and for working on your business. Our time management tools will aid you in setting an ideal week and will improve your productivity levels.

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