Key Signs It Is Time To Stop Selling

Key learning outcomes: Recognise the verbal and non-verbal signs that indicate a potential buyer may proceed with a sale. Understand that signs of an imminent sale may be subtle. Acknowledge the benefits of listening carefully to the potential buyer and not focusing only on your sales pitch. Develop strategies for dealing with potential customers’ objections. […]

Make The First Seven Days Count

Key learning outcomes: Recognise that a well thought-out induction program will ensure a smooth and rewarding transition for new employees. Show empathy and build rapport in an employee’s early days in your business. Develop a detailed activity plan so new employees don’t feel uncertain or anxious. Use the probation period as an opportunity to regularly […]

Free Article – Ten Ways to Enhance you Value Proposition

Key learning outcomes: Learn that fine-tuning your value proposition can put you ahead of your competition. Develop strategies to build on your knowledge and expertise to secure your place in the market. Recognise the benefits of conducting customer reviews and responding to both positive and negative feedback. Acknowledge that your value proposition should be reviewed […]

Free Article – 10 Common Reasons Small Businesses Fail

Key learning outcomes: Learn that most small businesses fail within five years. Adopt practices generally associated with big businesses to your advantage. Develop systems to maximise operational efficiency. Analyse your potential market and the financial statistics to ensure the survival of your business. Article: The actual numbers vary depending on the research that you read, […]

How To Deal with Difficult People

Key learning outcomes: Understand that learning to deal with difficult people may increase your productivity. Assess your own behaviour if you find you are dealing with difficult people on a regular basis. Recognise the benefit of listening carefully and remaining calm in potentially heated situations. Identify situations where it may be necessary to alert a […]

Free Article – 10 Easy Steps to Improve Your Lifestyle

Key learning outcomes: Recognise that good health and stress-free living are on the decline in modern society. Implement some good food habits such as eating less processed and takeaway foods. Develop an exercise regime to suit your schedule. Acknowledge that there will be times when you or someone you know needs some assistance in life. […]

Communication Styles

Key learning outcomes: Understand that effective communication is a large part of business success. Learn about the five key communication styles so you can recognise them in everyday and business situations. Recognise that the style of communication used will vary depending on the situation. Adopt a system of self-review for when the outcome of a […]

Free Article – Managing Your Online Profile

Key learning outcomes: Acknowledge that your business needs an effective physical and online presence. Conclude that the more effort and money that is invested in your business’s website, the more customers will want to do business with you. Learn about the importance of search engine optimisation in maximising your business opportunities. Develop a social media […]

How to Coach an Under-Performing Salesperson

Key learning outcomes: Recognise the signs of under-performance such as low closing rate and low lead generation. Distinguish between lack of ability and lack of opportunity when analysing under-performance. Develop tools to lift an under-performer’s results. Understand the benefits of training and regular reviews to boost sales output. Article: One of the most important roles […]

Incentive Programs for Sales Teams

Key learning outcomes: Implement an incentive program to lift your sales team’s enthusiasm, productivity and results. Recognise the need to reward all team members, not just the same few who consistently achieve the best results. Acknowledge the benefit of a short time frame for programs. Establish reasonable and achievable targets to ensure motivation remains high. […]