Making a plan and making it happen

TIME REQUIRED45-60 Minutes

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Action Plan

Increase your ability to implement ideas

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Learn how to avoid the trap of having so many things to do that nothing gets done.
  • Create an action plan to enhance your ability to implement new ideas and strategies.
  • Implement three key ideas every 30 days to ensure that you and your business are always moving forward.
  • Develop habits that will see you turning thoughts into action every day.


“Actions speak louder than words but not nearly as often” – Mark Twain

Have you ever left a meeting or training session feeling invigorated by all the great ideas that were spoken about, only to be disappointed down the track that nothing was ever implemented? Don’t worry, you are not on your own. The intention to take action is there, but day-to-day business and activities simply get in the way.

Having a great business plan or listening to an inspiring speaker will always have benefits, but the key to getting the most out of these or any other sessions that generate ideas is to turn the ideas into action. An action plan is a simple way of ensuring that the ideas you implement lead to immediate improvements.

An action plan outlines the steps required to complete a task or project, implement an idea or what is needed to achieve a goal. They are often the outcome of bigger picture planning such as annual business planning. Action plans can be set for any time frame although we find that if you operate with a 30-day action plan, it is more likely you will implement and move ideas forward and see instant results.

If you have a lot of ideas or a large project to get off the ground, it can often seem so overwhelming that it is hard to get started. The key to moving forward is to pick two or three key ideas to implement first, or to break down a larger project into manageable pieces.

Let’s take attending an industry seminar as an example. Many business owners invest a considerable amount of time and money looking for new ideas or ways to improve their business. Usually they will leave a seminar with loads of notes from a variety of speakers and a great deal of enthusiasm.  For a few days or even weeks they will speak excitedly to everyone at work about all the ideas, but will not manage to move many of them forward. We recommend you take the following steps, based on the above example, to develop an action plan that will vastly increase the chances of the ideas being successfully implemented.

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